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Post Pounders

Postmaster Post Pounder

Save time and money and increase user safety with our “class leading” Vibratory Post and Pile Drivers. No digging, no concrete, no cleanup required with this simple and easy to use tool. Boost your productivity and profits, even more with our quick change attachments allowing conversion to a handy;

-        “Concrete / Rock Breaker” *

-        “Hoe Pack / Tamper”

-        “Ground Rod Driver”

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Vibe Drive

  • The Badger, Pole Cat and Timber Wolf Models of Vibratory Post and Pile Driver can now be purchased as a “center mount” and/or a “full left side mount”.

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Post King Post Driver

  • Drive straight and true fence posts every time. ShearForce post drivers accept wood, pipe, and T-posts, making it useful to many industries in Canada including agriculture, farms, and ranching, orchards, vineyards, utility installation, and much more. The frame and back plate are constructed from heavy steel plate for durability. This rugged, easy-to-operate post pounded universally attaches to most skid loaders or excavators.

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Danuser T3 Post Pounder

The T3 Driver will drive T-posts up to a 3" O.D. (outside diameter) pipe at a rate of up to six strikes per second. The top of the post is fully contained to prevent kick out and protected from damage by the strike plate.

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