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Grader Leveler

This two in one combination of leveling and scraping makes short work of your grading jobs. The first blade attacks the high spots cutting them down to size, the second blade further scrapes anything that the first missed and fills in the hollows.

With two blades bitting and filling it takes much less time and fewer passes to achieve the even distribution of material you are looking for.
The scraper can be 3PH mounted, or an
optionskidsteer adapter plate puts the work in front of you.



With two half inch reversible hardened cutting edges material is quickly leveled or redistributed to fill low points as the unit passes elminating washboarding.

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Landscape Rake

  • Grooms and finishes soil for seed or sod

  • Breaks up clods and levels the soil

  • Picks up rocks 3/4" to 6" in diameter

  • Collects rocks and debris in hopper

  • Dumps collected debris quickly and easily

  • Heavy duty design features 1 3/4" hex drive shaft and pintle sprockets for longer life and increased durability

  • To dump hopper, raise loader arms and open shroud hydraulically

  • Two models available with 66" or 76" working widths

  • Designed to work on skid-steers, backhoes, small wheel loaders, and utility loaders with life capacities to 7,200 pounds and operating weights to 11,000 lbs

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Power Rake

  • Finish-grades, removes rocks and debris, and prepares soil in one pass

  • Bi-directional drum works the soil in both directions

  • available with manual or hydraulic angling or as rigid-mount; also available with 4-bar floating linkage

  • Designed to work on skid-steers, backhoe-loaders, small-wheel loaders and utility loaders

  • Dual-motor design delivers up to 40% more torque (48" model uses single motor)

  • Bi-directional drum features heavy-duty carbide teeth

  • Available with manual or hydraulic angling to angle 20 degrees in either direction; also available as a rigid-mount, with 4-bar floating linkage

  • Dual direct-drive motors eliminate need for chains and sprockets, reducing maintenance; heavy-duty frame extends life

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Land Leveler

  • Replaceable wear edges

  • Optional Hydraulic Scarifier

  • Wide blade location for precise control

  • Machine specific hydraulic package

  • Fast and efficient finish grading

  • Optional scarifier allows you to loosen hard ground while grading

  • Capable of aggressive cutting and fine finishing

  • Optional comb front edge cuts into hard soil moving forward and leaves a level textured finish moving backward

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Hydraulic Grader Leveler

• 2 Grading blades that are hydraulically adjustable for depth control
• 2 Reversible hardened cutting edges
• AR 400 Replaceable Runners
• Comes with lateral and vertical float for ease of operation 


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