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Industrial Jibs

Get the extra reach you need with our Industrial Jib. Simply pull out the spring pin and go from 6.9’ to 12’. It has a lift capacity of 6,000 lbs at 6’9” and 3,000 lbs fully extended Simply slides onto forks for quick attachment. Add this jib to your inventory to get the most out of your telehandler.


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Truss Jibs

Gain up to 16’ feet of reach with this 2,000 lb. capacity jib. Available in 12’ and 16’ lengths with a pintle-style hook on the working end. Slides onto your forks and pins on for safety or universal hitchstyle for skid steers.

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Auger Booms

  • Two sizes available with 6 or 8 feet of extended reach

  • Fully welded square tube design.

  • Configurations available for different brands of Auger Drives

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Skid Steer Mount Jib

• Adjustable boom length
• Pintle hook on end
• Adjustable from 48" to 78"
• Extended capacity 1500 lbs.

Made in Canada by Martatch


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Tree Boom

 The Blue Diamond tree boom is designed for setting
new trees or moving cut trees. The 3,500 lb. capacity makes this attachment useful in many applications

Made in USA by Blue Diamond


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Loader Boom

Fixed Loader Boom

  • Two sizes available with 6 or 8 feet of extended reach.

  • Fully Welded Square Tube Design

  • Ideal for moving trees for transplanting.

  • Used to load and unload attachments, etc.

  • Ideal for placing and removing concrete forms.

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Tusk Jib.jpg

Tusk Fork Mount Jib

SWL: 1,900 - 10,000 lbs.

Extension: 33" - 144" Empty 

Weight: 430 lbs

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