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  • These top quality hydraulic hammers are designed for long, trouble-free usage. Our hydraulic hammers are easily serviced, are available at a competitive price, and give you the power needed for the toughest jobs–all housed within one of the most compact designs available! The hammers are built for compatibility with most skid steers, loader backhoes, and excavators, and features “Vibra-Silence” for operator safety and comfort.

  • Low maintenance

  • Boltless mounting system

  • Only 2 moving parts - piston & valve assembly

  • High impact energy consistently through engine rev range

  • Vibra-Silence - reduces operator and carrier machine vibration exposure

  • Direct acting nitrogen gas backhead

  • Speedy re-gassing process

  • Lower guaranteed sound power levels

  • Easily maintained through single point greasing system

  • One-piece construction does not use cross-bolts and is great for working in confined spaces

Slab Blaster

  • Universal skid-steer attachment.

  • Concrete thickness of 4" to 9".

  • 40 Strokes per minute; 36" drop.

  • Quieter and cleaner than conventional methods.

  • Empty hammer weight (400 lbs) (recommended that additional ballast be added, 300 lbs).

  • Available Mounts: 

  • Universal Skid-Steer

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