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Pickup Sweeper

  • Adjustable arbor mounts allow control over bristle pressure to surface while extending bristle life

  • Replaceable cutting edge

  • Completely covered to control dust. Ideal for warehouses, machine sheds, parking lots, job sites, etc. where dust containment is a MUST!

  • Reversible bristle direction for multipurpose

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Hydraulic Angle Rotary Broom

  • 26" Bristles

  • Poly Bristles

  • Stands Protect Bristles When not in use

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Includes switch to mount in cab of skid steer for hyd angle


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Pick Up Brooms

  • Can operate broom forward and reverse

  • Direct drive design with replaceable drive components

  • Standard 5/8" x 6" bolt on reversible wear edge

  • Standard with 26" diameter poly/wire brush wafers, all poly and all wire available

  • Designed for easy exchange of wafers, no disconnecting of hydraulic hoses

  • Hood frame adjusts for bristle wear

  • Optional gutter brush available

  • Recommended for loaders with operating capacities greater than 1500 lbs

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Severe Duty Hydraulic Angle Broom

  • The Severe Duty hydraulic angle broom is a brutal attachment for the serious user. From front to back it has been engineered for daily use in tough conditions.  Everywhere you look on this broom, you see quality and ingenuity.

  • Hydraulic angle and bristle operate simultaneously

  • Oversized main shaft spindles

  • Massive bearings

  • Floating head design with spring tensioner

  • Welded heavy duty cylinder

  • Grease fittings on pivot points

  • 32” bristles with poly or poly steel available

  • 14 pin OEM connector available

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Regular Duty Hydraulic Angle Broom

  • The Martatch sweeper is a heavy duty rotary brush sweeper designed for a nice clean sweep of your yard driveway or even your chicken barn.

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